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Straighties Afraid of the "LGBTQ" Words

by Gayborhood on 04/28/2012 - 01:32 pm

Q: Why are straighties so afraid to use the words “gay” and “lesbian”?


A: Straights themselves don’t even understand why. They have to be assured that it’s ok to say it. I get a lot of giggles when I tell people that I work for a “gay and lesbian” advertising firm. I see their eyes open wide and a bit of disbelief comes over them. Why the laughs and the squirms? For many straighties out there, the LGBTQ community is new to them. They are just learning that it is finally ok to mention “gay” or “lesbian” in public. For some, the terms are purely based on sex, which we all know can be a taboo subject. It opens a can of worms and sends tons of people right out of their comfort zone!  


Now that I work in the field, I love saying it. How many times can I stop people in their tracks with these simple words? It just takes practice. If you’re not used to expressing it, things can be a little tricky at first. You might be apprehensive, but when you get the chance, go for it. The gays don’t flinch, and the straights usually let their guard down after a minute or two. Everyone feels connected. People become more tolerant when they become ok with “I love my gay friend!” or “I met the coolest lesbian at a party the other night.” If they’re on board, straighties will jump right in. I usually end up hearing a story about their gay brother or lesbian aunt, anything that lets them use the words “gay” and “lesbian”. They know that I’m ok with it, so we’ve got the green light.


Now I’m incorporating the words “transgendered”, “bisexual” and “questioning”. I have to get out the dictionary for most straighties on this one. But with a new vocabulary, they’re ready to go out and shout it to the world. This is Straighty says and I’ll shoot it to you straight!

Elena Undone - Film Review

by Gayborhood on 04/21/2012 - 09:20 am

What do a lesbian writer and a straight preacher’s wife have in common? A blazing attraction for one another. In this tale of love and curiosity, mother and wife Elena falls for the beautiful author Peyton when she begins working with her on a women’s project. As she wonders if her feelings are valid, Elena hides her true longings from her family until she can no longer keep up the facade. Desiring a baby and a possible new romance, Elena and Peyton are both faced with tough choices. 


Connection and commitment are the consistent themes in the film. Truth and honor are seen under a new light as priorities change. Elena is continually conflicted as her husband preaches more and more about the sin of same-sex relationships. She admits that she has never felt love for him, marrying early to rebel against her strict Catholic mother. How can she confront her own demons and keep her loving family in tact? Partly with the help of a “love guru”. 


We can’t all be so lucky as to have a friend who is exploring the deeper bonds of love. Fortunately, the expert in this film leaves us with a checklist of things to look for. 1., the love interest must come from an unexpected place. Elena and Peyton cross in the park, both noticing the instant pull towards one another 2., the two people must meet randomly. Both women are considering adoption and they run into each other at the adoption agency. And 3., everything between them must feel brand new and absolutely familiar. The two are instantly open to working on a project together, despite the nervousness and stumbling blocks that any new relationship faces.


Eventually Elena’s son finds the love letters that Peyton has been sending her and breaks down. He can’t understand that his mom is experiencing an emotional transition. It is only after his mother confronts his father that the son is able to move forward. He is quickly able to see that love comes in many forms. 


Can families find the strength to stay together when they are forced to change? In Elena Undone, the arrival of a baby between the new couple brings a renewed sense of bonding. They have a support system. They’ve gotten really honest and broken past social constraints. Peyton has let go of her fear of loving a straight woman, and Elena has accepted her own lesbian nature. Both women embrace their feelings, as adventure pulls on their heart strings and a beautiful song is written. It really does show that love conquers all. 


This is Straighty Says, and I’ll shoot it to you straight!

Gay impressions on a straight mind

by Gayborhood on 04/12/2012 - 06:36 pm

It’s not all cut and dry when it comes to sexuality. I know, this isn’t groundbreaking news, but it still comes as a shock to most when their thoughts stray into a new realm. Is it normal for a straight person to have gay thoughts? Does that make a person gay? How about when a gay person has straight thoughts? Sometimes these mental excursions are welcomed, and other times they scare the thinker to death. Why do we put so much stock into these brain bleeps and what do they mean? Straighties often tell me that they are straight, but they still think gay thoughts. Here’s the scoop.


Do Straighties ever have gay thoughts? Lots of guys who are straight report that they prefer gay porn over straight porn. Some have same sex dreams and fantasies. Is this budding homosexuality, or a natural tendency to be curious? Research claims that having these thoughts and desires is a common experience for completely straight guys and gals. 


Why do straight women think about lesbians during sex? Is that normal?  - Research on female arousal showed that most women are turned on by watching lesbian sex as well.


What is bi-curious and does that make a person gay? What if it is only their thoughts? Appreciation of the same sex is considered a bi-curious state of mind. You may find the idea pleasant or interesting, but possibly not enough to want to engage in the behavior.


Do Lesbians Even Notice Straight Girls? Yes, some lesbians will date a girl who is straight and not worry about the stereotypes. Others may be cautious, considering the possible risks that come with dating someone who has always been straight and who may just be experimenting. 


Teens are often confused by their sexuality in general, not to mention questions of gender preference. News for teens: Is it normal to have gay thoughts AND straight thoughts? “Your thoughts might change either way over time, and it's pretty important to accept them. There is nothing to worry about when the thoughts occur.” These thoughts don’t necessarily mean that a person is gay, they just mean that you can recognize beauty regardless if it is in a man, woman, plant or animal.


This is Straighty Says, and I'll shoot it to you straight!

Best (and Worst) Dressed!

by Gayborhood on 04/06/2012 - 03:42 pm

Sometimes we just have to ask...where do they come up with these outfits??? The fashion industry can surprise us with less than appealing couture on some of the biggest name stars. The next minute we are wowed when a celeb walks down the red carpet in a stunning suit or gown. Who are the daring dudes and divas with the crazy costumes (umm, I mean outfits)? Here’s the scoop on the best and worst, straight and downright dressed up. 



Gay.Net starts us out with the best and worst dressed gay men out there. At the top of the list was fashion designer Tom Ford. "Style is a personal thing," Ford told the fashion website. "It is what defines you.” Other chart toppers were Adam Lambert (with a fan base that votes him to the top of the list, no matter what). Next was Marc Jacobs, figure skater Johnny Weir, and Zachary Quinto—who’s not officially out, but he still makes the list.



Ahh, the worst dressed gay men. Boy George, Perez Hilton and Bruce Vilanch in a signature T hit third place were the winners. Antony Hagerty, the singer/songwriter who pushes gender boundaries (not to mention fashion lines), was close behind. Some observers remark that the cutest stars make the best dressed list. Could hot-status make a difference? Check them out and judge for yourself!  - THE BEST AND WORST DRESSED GAY MEN from


Let’s skip straight to the red carpet. This is where actors, rock stars and fashion queens come out to shine, right? Not always. We look to the 2012 Oscars for the fabulous and the faux-pas.



  • "The Help" nominee Jessica Chastain
  • George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler
  • "The Artist" star Missi Pyle
  • Oscar first-timer Milla Jovovich
  • Six-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close



  • Gweneth Paltrow
  • "Bridesmaids" star and co-writer Kristen Wiig
  • "The Artist" star and first-time nominee Berenice Bejo
  • "Bridesmaids" star Rose Byrne
  • Viola Davis -- she was a standout in "The Help," 

Oscars 2012 Best And Worst Dressed


Searching for the best dressed ladies and what they’re wearing, I found Auto Straddle’s list of theTop 10 Lesbian Fashion & Style Icons. From pant suits to sexy leather getups, these women are the ones to watch.


  1. Ellen Degeneres - The Ellen Degeneres Show
  2. Kate Moennig - The L Word 
  3. Beth Ditto - singer/songwriter for The Gossip
  4. K.D. Lang - “The Original Butch”
  5. Honey Labrador - Queer Eye for the Straight Girl
  6. Jackie Warner - reality star of Workout on Bravo
  7. Kim Stolz - MTV News Correspondant
  8. Joan Jett - Lead singer in the all-girl band The Runaways
  9. Leisha Hailey - The L Word
  10. Samantha Ronson - British DJ
  11. Charlene and the 'Gimme Sugar' Girls



Want to look your best but not sure where to start? Check out these style tips, then glance at our pics for best and worst dressed to create your own style.



Gay Fashion On A Budget - 


Lesbian Fashion Tips - 


Straight Eye for the Queer Guy, Men's Fashion -


So here you have it, the best and worst dressed of the season. Don’t forget to get online and vote for your favorites, whether its the ones you love or the ones you just can’t stand. Either way, you can learn from the celebs and avoid those fashion disasters! This is Straighty Says, and I’ll shoot it to you straight! 

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